Guidelines for Visiting Non-UP Users

  • The UPLB Library accepts non-UP users [Researchers/Employees and students (at least 3 rd year HS or Grade 9, Senior HS, undergraduate and graduate)] every Monday only. However, if they are first timer, not familiar with this policy, and at the same time came from distant institutions, the University Library can accept them as they come, provided there is still library space for them and they pay PHP 50.00 and PHP 20.00 library fees for private and public institutions, respectively. They will be advised to come on Mondays next time.
  • Non-UP users should accomplish seat reservation via and present confirmation email of reserved seat together with valid Identification (ID) card and Vaccination Card upon entering
    the Library.

  • A referral letter from their respective institutions, endorsing them to use the UPLB Library resources subject to its existing rules and regulations, must be presented at the Information Desk.

  • Alumni, former Faculty members and students honorable discharged from the University may use the Library resources for five (5) days free of charge within a semester. Beyond five days they will be charged PHP 20.00 per visit.
  • The Library charges PHP 20.00 library fees per visit for Public and PHP 50.00 for private institutions, except for Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle University (Manila) which are charged with the same amount that they charged the UPLB students per visit.


  • *Note: Grade 9 and 10 Students are not allowed to use the theses.