Library Staff

Jovilyn C. Albay
College Librarian I


Marliza A. Cuadli
College Librarian I


Elsa DR. Escalante
Administrative Assistant V


Ester C. Sangalang
Administrative Aide IV


Norman A. Banasihan
Office Assistant (COS 4)



  • Facilitates purchase of information resources for UPLB University Library
  • Implements policies concerning the book fund, selections and acquisitions
  • Performs preliminary processes such as checking/searching from different library records/files to avoid duplication of titles
  • Completes bibliographic information using iLib’s Acquisition Module etc.
  • Coordinates with different College Library Committees for book selection, evaluation and request for purchase
  • Bookkeeps disbursement, maintains records and databases of on-order and acquired books
  • Provides accession number and barcode, stamping of property and updates acquisitions record