Databases on Trial
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Databases on Trial




ACCESS LEARNING is a web based subscription service that contains award winning video content for schools, teachers and students, who can search and stream content correlated to curriculum for every grade level. Access Learning is available to teachers and students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accessible from school or from home.

Visit Access Learning at this link

You may login in the website with:

Username: AL_ASIA

Password: demo353

Trial Ends: February 17, 2017

IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books, InfoSci-Journals, and InfoSci-Videos Databases are now available to University of the Philippines Los Banos, and contains over 3,000 e-books, 158 e-journals and over 50 streaming video lectures in 11 different subject areas including:

  • Engineering Science and Technology
  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Government Science and Technology
  • Educational Science and Technology
  • Business and Management Information Science and Technology
  • Library Information Science and Technology
  • Media and Communication Science and Technology
  • Medical, Healthcare, and Life Science and Technology
  • Security and Forensic Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences and Online Behavior

To access the platform and start searching in XML or PDF format, visit . Download full text of relevant resource now!

Vetstream Website

The UPLB University Library through the College of Veterinary Medicine Library introduces to you our FREE On-Campus ACCESS to the Vetstream Clinical Reference, this is an online veterinary clinical reference sources intended for veterinarians and veterinary staff.

Vetstream content is updated weekly and is presented in text, picture, video and audio format and has been submitted by over 800 of the world's leading veterinary clinicians. All content includes editorial board oversight and peer review, so you can rest assured that the clinical information on Vetstream is dependable and of a high standard.

Key benefits to your professional and clinical practice include;

  • Evidence-based medicine;
  • Optimized prescribing; and
  • Enhanced client interactions and compliance.

So try Vetstream now!

SciFinder® is a research discovery application that provides unlimited access to the world's most comprehensive and authoritative source of references, substances and reactions in chemistry and related sciences.

SciFinder offers a one-stop shop experience with flexible search and discover options based on user input and workflow. You can search for substances, reactions, and patent and journal references anytime, anywhere.

  • Make better, more confident decisions knowing that you have access to the largest collection of substances, reactions, and patent and journal references produced, compiled, and updated daily by CAS scientists around the world.
  • Save time with an array of powerful tools to search, filter, analyze and plan that allow you to quickly find the most relevant answers to your research questions.

Don’t worry about missing vital research - if it’s publically disclosed, high quality and from a reliable source, SciFinder has it! See why industry experts rely on SciFinder as their only source for high-quality content combined with ease-of-use features that help complete their research project from start to finish.

Our On-Campus Access trial ends on February 14, 2015 To access SciFinder, please register first via this link

Users need to register within campus IP range and register using their email domain only.

After registration, SciFinder can be accessed via



Library Press Display

Instant Access to 2000+ newspapers from 100 countries in 60 languages.


ebrary offers authoritative ebooks in a wide range of subject areas, along with powerful tools to help you find, use, and manage the information you need. Conduct your research on the computer, or try our mobile apps for Android and for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

Check ProQuest Ebrary at

Kindly use the Database Trial Evaluation Form to evaluate the database. Trial access is until May 15, 2014.

SAGE Journals is an online delivery platform that allows subscribing institutions to access individual SAGE journal titles. The platform hosts prestigious and highly cited SAGE journals and represents one of the largest lists in the social sciences as well as an extensive STM offering.

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