University Library’s New Online Seat Reservation Platform

The University Library implemented a Seat Reservation System in providing the UPLB Constituents a space to work and study before coming to the Main Library.

There are eighty-nine (89) seats available for reservation in the Main Library located in the University Special Collections, Leisure Reading Area, Learning Commons, Learning Commons Hallway, General References, and Filipiniana/Serials Section. Each seat has a unique number and the library also offers limited seats with power charging in every section in support of those who will be needing an electrical outlet for their work and study.

UPLB constituents can reserve a seat online for a maximum of nine (9) hours per day. Library users may select their preferred seat, time, and date on the Reservation platform. They may even choose seats from different sections and split their time throughout the day.

Reservations can be made in advance via the Online Reservation Link under Online Services tab on the University Library Website. Once the reservation has been made by the patron, they will receive a confirmation email summarizing the details of their booking.

Patrons must comply with the University Library guidelines in using the library facilities and must show a confirmed reservation for entry. LB LAB ID, validated ID, and Vaccination Certificate is required before entering the Main Library. Access to library space is granted only to those patrons with prior bookings. Reservations are also limited to UPLB Constituents. External library visitors and walk-ins may not be allowed even if seats are available until further notice.

For special cases or events in using the library space, a written request address to the University Librarian is required for approval.

Each section of the library has an assigned staff to disinfect the area in making the visit to the Main Library as safe as possible. Library users are advised to observe health and safety protocols inside the library premises and to stay home if not feeling well and inform the library staff to cancel the reservation.

Seat reservation is available from Monday to Thursday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, and Friday, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM. (Meichelle Ann Jenine R. Galapon).